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Four plus years of Android development experience while demonstrating excellent work ethic and the ability to effectively communicate with technical and non-technical audiences from all around the world.

Projects Worked On

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Quiet Restaurants

A community project to identify quiet restaurants, so you and others can find a quiet place to meet and eat.

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Vegan Eateries

Do you hesitate to travel because finding a restaurant that accommodates your vegetarian or vegan lifestyle is difficult?

Now you can travel with confidence knowing that our app will help you search and save vegan and vegetarian restaurants no matter where you are!

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Lucid Weather

As the name suggests, this weather app is designed to be easy on eyes, on your fingers and of course on your brain.

With Lucid weather, you can be well prepared for any rain checks that may come your way and plan your life easily without Mother Nature throwing in a wrench.

Lucid weather is a completely which is most likely, all you need and more from a weather app. The app has a truck load of small yet nifty features to make life a lot easier for you. The app is fast, accurate and reliable.

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#discover - new destinations

#discover helps you discover the world easier by providing you all the travel info in one place and making it available even offline.


From several hundred of the world’s top cities, find details of the cities that interest YOU. Find out ways to reach you'r favorite city and also nearby interesting cities.

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Work Experience

Freelance Android App Developer - (2012 - Present)